Thursday, May 26, 2005

The All New Valve Junior Amplifier

“This is the low-watt vintage tone-box every guitar player wants, but few could afford....until now”

• 5 Watts, Class A
• 12AX7, EL84
• Single-Ended
• 8” Special Design Speaker

Valve Series Junior: Boutique amplifiers just became the domain of every guitar player out there. Take a listen and your jaw will drop. This little, low-watt powerhouse rivals $800.00 snob boxes no problem. The Valve Junior is vintage tone and crunch in an impressively affordable package. Perfect for recording, live, mic’d use and for practice when space is limited but sacrificing tone isn’t an option.

Boutique goes Newtique: The Valve Junior uses true vintage design philosophies to achieve incredible tone, warmth and responsiveness. Add that to Epiphone’s ongoing mission to deliver the best value in fine instruments and you’ve got an unbeatable combination. And don’t let the 5 watts fool you. The Valve Junior is LOUD. Here’s why:

Class A: One knob delivers Class A output through a single-ended circuit that responds to your play the way a compact amp is supposed to. Class A amplification delivers constant power from the tube, creating more responsiveness and volume. Keep it at about 3 and you’ll get punchy, clear tone that makes the strings of your guitar feel like they know what you’re going to play before you even hit them. The response is quick and lively. Turn it up to 10 and you get a classic crunch that’s gusty without saturating the harmonics.

Single Ended: Single ended amplifiers sound “full”, providing rich, luscious overall tonal coloration with enough clarity to bring out the nuances of your guitar and playing. Part of what we call “volume” is how much of the tonal spectrum is making it through to the ear. Fuller delivery of the harmonics being produced deliver more meaningful volume. At lower wattages, they’re coveted for a natural break up when turned to higher volumes, resulting in a creamy distortion that makes modern gain sound sterile and flat.

Durable Construction: High quality metalwork, detachable power cable, rugged, musical speaker and a lot of attention to detail make the Valve Junior an uncompromised and serious piece of gear. A 5 year warranty backs up our commitment.

Check It Out: Your favorite authorized Epiphone dealer is ready and waiting to help you add the Epiphone Valve Junior to your tone arsenal. At this value, you don’t have to wait any longer. CLICK HERE to find a dealer in your area.

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